What do I get for supporting an artist?

Besides getting the reward of knowing that you are directly supporting an artist that you love, you’ll unlock access to any exclusive content they post on their artist page.



Why was I charged more than my support amount?

In addition to your monthly support amount, you may notice additional charges for payment processing fees. These are generally unavoidable and allow us to safely and securely process payments to artists and stay compliant.

See more on our transparency dash of how pricing breaks down.

Transparency: Pricing



Can I make a one time payment to an artist?

Currently, we only have monthly recurring support. It’s helpful for artists to have a source of recurring and predictable income.



When will I be charged?




My payment has been declined




Can I change my support amount?

Yes, you can change your support amount at any time. If you choose to increase your support amount, ______. If you choose to decrease your support amount, ______.



Can I cancel my support?

Yes, you can cancel your support for an artist at any time. To do this, _______.



Are there different tiers of support?

Although you can choose to support more than the minimum amount, every supporter gets access to the same exclusive content.



Why support artist on Ampled?

When you support an artist on Ampled, you know that your money is going directly to an artist you love. As a company, we’re always striving to be as values-driven and have our interests as aligned with artists as possible - which is why we are artist owned and governed. If you choose to support an artist through any intermediary, we hope it’s through us.

Read more about our mission here.